Tuesday, December 26, 2023

December 2023 - Meeting of the Fiddlers Green Park Association


Fiddlers Green Park Association Meeting Highlights: November 6, 2023

On Monday, November 6, 2023, the Fiddlers Green Park Association convened for their monthly meeting at the DeWitt Jamesville Community Library. President Matt Titus presided over the gathering, joined by Mike Weiskotten, Kay Sharpe, Kay Keough, Bev Miller, and Theresa Kelly.

In the realm of old business, a decision was made to shift the membership period from April to March, with unanimous approval from those present. Plans for the North Street property included a survey to identify boundaries, fostering a clearer understanding of the park's expanse. A notable discussion centered around memorials, with Matt Titus proposing the creation of a brick wall under the kiosk to commemorate significant contributions. Mike Weiskotten volunteered to draft a promotional piece for the project, set to commence in spring 2024.

Concerns regarding park cleanup and trail maintenance were also addressed. The fallen tree on the trail remained uncleared, prompting a decision to delay repairs and cleanup until spring 2024. Matt Titus shared updates on reaching out to the Boy Scouts for information on trail signs created during Matt Schunk's project.

The meeting delved into community collaboration, with plans to support the Jamesville Community Museum's "lighting up Jamesville" event on December 2. Matt Titus proposed leaving last year's stones in the museum and contributing historical information about the park for future newsletters.

A pivotal discussion surrounded the association's online presence. Mike Weiskotten presented options for updating the website, suggesting a designer from "Fiverr" to create a user-friendly WordPress site. The proposed site aimed to streamline membership processes, facilitate donations, and include an online store for FGP merchandise. The attendees agreed to review the current website and provide feedback by the end of the week.

Looking ahead, the next meeting, scheduled for January 8, 2024, will focus on further discussions about the membership letter and updates to the website. The Fiddlers Green Park Association remains dedicated to enhancing the park experience for members and the broader community.

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