Tuesday, March 7, 2023

March 2023 - Meeting of the Fiddlers Green Park Association

 Every 1st Monday of each new month, the members of the Fiddlers Green Park Association (FGPA) get together to discuss issues and ideas that might benefit the park. The group is made up a half dozen local residents with a passion for preserving an important community space. Our President, Matt Titus, called the meeting to order this past Monday at Community Library of Dewitt & Jamesville

Discussed at length was the idea of placing a Statue at the entrance to the park. Something that will pay respect to the history of the area, and celebrate the future. We listened to a presentation by Mark Teece, The British Blacksmith ; Stay tuned for an update later this year!

Park Membership is a big source of funding for the FGPA. If you would like to become either a Family or Individual Member of Fiddler Green Park, you can easily go to our Park Website and click the tab that says 'Join Us'. We have memberships ranging from $10 - $50 per year depending on classification. You can also email us at contact@fiddlersgreenpark.org. Or reach out with a Direct Message on either our Facebook Page or Instagram.

Updates to our Kiosk are on the way! We plan to include better communication about park policies and even a Park Trails map!! 

That's all for now! Be sure to always Take Out what you Take In and please keep those dogs on a leash. We all need to remember that Fiddlers Green is for everyone to enjoy so let's all do what's right to keep our Park clean and safe!

-Mike, FGPA

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